Financial Planning

To get the best overall long term plan you need to take into consideration not only how to protect what you have today, how to pass some of it on to your children during your life and the remainder on your death, but how to continue to grow your estate so that you can live comfortably during your lifetime.  A financial planner can help us establish your cash flow needs now, during your children’s college years, and during your retirement years.  Both the financial planner and an insurance agent can help to determine the best products to invest in to provide that cash flow, however, the CPA, financial planner and D M Kennedy & Associates can help provide insight into tax savings opportunities.  In addition, D M Kennedy & Associates adds value by combining these options with various estate planning tools to develop the best plan from all perspectives for you. 

The intent of this site is to provide you with basic information.  You should not rely solely on its content.  To broaden your understanding of working with other advisers to obtain the best estate plan for you and your family we recommend that you begin by attending one of our free seminars or to obtain information specific to your family’s situation ask for a free consultation.  Our attorneys are licensed in Ohio or Michigan, and therefore can assist with Estate and/or Business Planning issues in these states.  If you live in another state, we recommend you check the National Association of Estate Planning Attorney’s web site or the Wealth Counsel’s web site to obtain an Estate and/or Business Planning attorney in your state.

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