Medicaid Planning
Toledo Medicaid Planning Attorney

D M Kennedy & Associates offers services in the area of Medicaid Planning. While Medicaid law and/or the interpretation and enforcement of it changes regularly, D M Kennedy & Associates can provide you and your family with current information. We can help you select the best Medicaid Planning Strategy for you and your family.

Failing to understand the implementation of Medicaid in your state and county can cost your family tens of thousand of dollars through costly mistakes that we can help you avoid though proper Medicaid Planning.  Planning early can improve the results of your plan and give you more options, should you need them, for your family’s long term care needs.  We also assist families legally preserve assets after their loved one is already in the nursing home and has not yet applied for Medicaid.  We assist our Ohio clients save a large percent of the net proceeds from the sale for their home for their family when Medicaid requires the sale of his or her home.  We assist our Michigan clients plan for Medicaid Recovery when it is implemented.  We help families even after their loved one is in the nursing home or if they are in the nursing home, already on Medicaid and still own their home.

With the severity of today’s Medicaid penalties, you need a knowledgeable Medicaid Planning attorney on your side.  D M Kennedy & Associates would like to be your attorney so that we can help you understand the law and how it applies to your unique family situation.  D M Kennedy & Associates wants to help protect your family from incorrect application of Medicaid law and to utilize the law to meet your goals and objectives.  Getting good legal advice may save you tens of thousands of dollars in nursing home costs and alleviate individual concerns about the law and how it applies to your family.  We recommend that you consult with an attorney who has actually prepared and submitted Medicaid applications before you apply for Medicaid. 

The intent of this site is to provide you with basic information.  You should not rely solely on its content as state Medicaid laws are complex and no site can cover all of the rules, their interpretation, and their inter-relationships.  To broaden your understanding of Medicaid Planning we recommend that you attend one of our free seminars or to obtain information specific to your family’s situation ask for a free consultation.  Our attorneys are licensed in Ohio or Michigan, and therefore this site addresses Medicaid issues in these states.  If your loved one lives in another state, we recommend you check the National Association of Estate Planning Attorney’s web site or the Wealth Counsel’s web site for Medicaid Planning attorney in your area.
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