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D M Kennedy & Associates offers workshops on several topics to the General Public. All of our presentations are easy to understand and we use real life examples. These Workshops are advertised in local newspapers and on public radio stations. See below for a list of cities where we hold these events.  Just complete the form below to make your reservation for one of these events. The two main Workshop topics that we speak regularly on are listed below.


This topic will provide an overview of what estate planning is, types of estate planning (probate, will or no will, revocable living trust) and how they work, what is included in an estate plan, having a living trust within your estate plan, and the importance of maintaining your estate plan on a regular basis.  It also discusses estate taxes, durable power of attorney, health care powers, conservatorships and guardianships.


This topic will provide information about conservatorships and guardianships, the impact of not having a sufficient durable power of attorney, health care powers, HIPAA waiver, and personal services contract.  Additionally, the presentation will provide some basic understanding of Medicare and Medicaid, the basis of eligibility for both and the interaction between them.  You will learn what a gift is, about the Medicaid look-back period, calculation of the penalty period, when the Medicaid penalty starts, and the importance of applying at the right time.  You will also learn why thousands of families loose thousands of dollars because they do not have a basic understanding of Medicaid.  Generally speaking you can save 50% of your assets even if you are unmarried and already in a nursing home, and up to 100% if you are not.  Also learn what happens with your real estate and other assets as a result of the Medicaid Recovery Act following death.  Ohio is even more aggressive than Michigan, even if you did a life estate or transfer on death deed, while these do not prevent your qualifying for Medicaid they are pulled back into your estate on death and recoverable against on death in Ohio.

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